Welcome to Durey Castings

Durey Castings Limited has been established since 1975 as a specialist stockist and distributor of all types of MANHOLE COVERS, GULLY GRATES, ASSOCIATED DRAINAGE WARE and RAPID SET MORTARS and CONCRETES. Now in our 5th decade we are the largest independent specialists in the country and cover the UK mainland and islands. We offer delivery services tailored to your requirements. Our customer service is well known, backed by our unique DureyService®, and we have been registered with the BSI as a Quality Assured company continuously for over 34 years. #dureyservice

Recently we became re-accredited by the BSI to the latest ISO 9001 standard, the 2015 version.

Operating from depots in Dartford, Uckfield and Fareham we can also offer you friendly and knowledgeable advice on the selection of products. We also have fully serviced training facilities where we invite water authorities, fibre network engineers, and designers, etc to train on our products. 

Opening times: Dartford 7.30am to 5.00pm. Uckfield & Fareham 8.00am to 5.00pm. Mon to Fri.

You can also visit our specialist division FLOOD FORTRESS at www.floodfortress.co.uk Here we are the largest independant stockist of flood protection products in the country. Our staff are able to assess, design, recommend and arrange for full intall of a product that could protect your property from flood water. We support Southern Water in their flood protection activities throughout the South of England, schemes in Norfolk, Sussex, Essex, and the West Country, and recently in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Wight.

Customers for Flood Fortress include Wessex Water, Southern Water, Mid Kent Water, Portsmouth Water, South East Water, South West Water, Thames Water, Jersey & Guernsey Waters, major chain hotel groups, etc.

  • Heavy Duty Double Triangular Ductile Carriageway Cover
  •  Manhole Covers and Frames
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  • Tubs of Pothole Repair
  • Concrete cover
  • Yard stock
  • Bed Group
  • Lorry
  • Quad install
  • Warehouse
  • County Map
  • ladder
  • Pumpfix F
  • van fleet
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